👋 You read reviews to buy things, why not when you rent?

Reviews by real renters

Anonymous rental reviews by people like you. Think Glassdoor, but for renting.

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Reviews by real renters

Rental reviews

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96% of people would like a website where they can review their rentals and landlords

Why you should leave a review?

It’s time to speak up!

Whether you love or hated your rental place, you probably have a story to tell. Here’s your chance.

It’s good rental karma!!

Help the community grow by posting your review and they’ll be there next time when you’re looking for a new place or negotiating that next price of your rent.

All reviews are anonymous

Why you should leave a review?
Why you should leave a review?

Get the full story before you rent

Everyone has a story about a place they’ve rented, sometimes they’re fab and sometimes they’re just terrible.

The problem is, rental listings don’t tell you the full story. Let’s remove the unknowns.

All reviews are anonymous

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Why should I leave a review?

There are so many unknowns with renting and it’s one of your biggest expenses. You wouldn’t buy a car without reading reviews, why should it be the same with a place you rent? But to read reviews, you also need to give reviews. Tell your story so we can make landlords and tenants be their best.

Are reviews anonymous?

Yes, they are. It’s important to us to create a safe space for you and the community.

Can landlords reply to reviews?

We’re thinking about adding that feature. What do you think? Let us know here.

How can I help this grow?

We’re happy you want to help this grow. We like you.

Best ways you can help are to:

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Why you should leave a review?